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Financial Crimes Against the Elderly: Training & Technical Assistance

COPS Maine RCPI Online Training for Senior Safety
The Maine Regional Community Policing center offers training to law enforcement and community members that includes Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation.

National Associations of Triads, Inc.
The National Association of Triads will assist local groups in organizing a Triad program at the grass-roots level, provide ideas and programs to implement in the community, and training materials for law enforcement, senior volunteers, and community groups.

Victims of Fraud: Beyond Financial Loss
Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), August 1998 Fraud is defined as an illegal act by nonphysical means to obtain money or property. This 20-minute video is designed to instill in allied professionals a deeper appreciation of the emotional, financial, and sometimes physical impact of fraud which may ultimately help fraud victims receive more sensitive treatment by criminal justice personnel. (NCJ 170593)

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