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Photo: George Gascon

July, 2014 - Partnership Building with the Prosecutor's Office when Dealing with Hate Crimes

In this podcast, George Gascon, the district attorney for the city and county of San Francisco, discusses partnership building with the prosecutor's office when dealing with hate crimes and addressing the needs of hate crime victims.  Read More...

Photo: Police Chief John Edwards and retired Lieutenant Brian Murphy

July, 2014 - Hate Crimes: Waking in Oak Creek

In this podcast, Police Chief John Edwards and retired Lieutenant Brian Murphy discuss the August 2012 shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin and the aftermath for the community of Oak Creek.  Read More...

Photo: Patrice O'Neill

July, 2014 - Resources on Hate Crimes for Law Enforcement

In this podcast, Patrice O'Neill, chief executive officer and executive producer for The Working Group, discusses the Not in Our Town Project, the hate crime reporting gap, and the available resources for law enforcement.  Read More...

Photo: Chief Hassan Aden

June, 2014 - Overcoming the Racial Divide

In this podcast, Chief Hassan Aden from Greenville's Police Department discusses overcoming the racial divide.  Read More...

Photo: Commissioner Bill Bratton

June, 2014 - Collaborative Policing

In this podcast, Commissioner Bill Bratton of the New York City Police Department discusses collaborative policing.  Read More...

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