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Thank you for your interest in this year's
Coordinated Tribal
Assistance Solicitation

Details about the program:

  • Enables Tribes, Alaska Native villages, and Tribal consortia to submit a single application for nine of the Department of Justice’s competitive grant programs (see for additional information and helpful resources)

CTAS Purpose Area #1: Tribal Resources Grant Program

  • Expands the implementation of community policing and meets the most serious needs of law enforcement in Tribal Nations
  • Hire or re-hire career law enforcement officers and Village Public Safety Officers
  • Procure basic equipment and training to assist in the initiation or enhancement of Tribal community policing efforts
The COPS Office has stopped accepting applications for the fiscal year 2016 grants and we are in the process of determining and announcing grant recipients. To check on specific grants, please monitor the home page.

Program Documents

Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation: 2015 - 2012

President's Task Force
Director's Corner
The Attorney General's Community Policing Tour
Resource Center
Dispatch COPS E-Newsletter
The Beat Podcast
Supporting Safe Schools

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