Law Enforcement Intelligence Resources

Table of Contents

Intelligence Resources

Law Enforcement Intelligence: A Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies

28 CFR Part 23

The National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan

Protecting Your Community From Terrorism: Strategies for Local Law Enforcement
The Production and Sharing of Intelligence

Intelligence-Led Policing: The New Intelligence Architecture

Information on IACP’s National Law Enforcement Policy Center

IACP Criminal Intelligence Model Policy

Criminal Intelligence Sharing: A National Plan for Intelligence-Led Policing at the Local, State, and Federal Levels

Analyst Toolbox: A Toolbox for the Intelligence Analyst

Law Enforcement Analyst Certification Standards

Law Enforcement Analytic Standards

Privacy Policy Development Guide and Implementation Template

FBI Sharing Intelligence Information brochure

Information-Sharing Environment Resources

Information Sharing Environment Implementation Plan

Information Sharing Environment Guideline 2: Common Sharing Framework

Information Sharing Environment Privacy Guidelines

Fusion Center Resources

Fusion Center Guidelines: Developing and Sharing Information and Intelligence in a New Era

The Intelligence Fusion Process for State, Local and Tribal Law Enforcement: A White Paper