Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Series


The COPS-funded series of Problem-Oriented Guides for Police, or POP Guides, consists of 49 Problem-Specific Guides, 5 Response Guides, and 6 Problem-Solving Tool Guides. The Problem-Specific Guides provide law enforcement with problem-specific questions to help identify potential factors and underlying causes of specific problems, identify known responses to each problem, and provide potential measures to assess the effectiveness of problem-solving efforts. Response Guides are POP Guides that summarize the collective knowledge from research and practice about how, and under what conditions, certain common police responses to crime and disorder do and do not work.  Problem-Solving Tools Series are POP Guides that explain how various analytical methods and techniques can be applied to improve an understanding of crime and disorder problems.

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These problem-oriented guidebooks are available on this CD or for download. By opening any of the POP Guides on this CD-ROM, you will be able to search the document, read individual chapters, and print only the sections you want.

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