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Patterns, Place and Community: Policing with an Analytic Edge

Resources on Crime Analysis

You can order the publications and CDs listed below by calling the COPS Response Center at 1-800-421-6770 or by using the COPS Resource Center. Many publications can also be read online or downloaded.

Geography & Public Safety Bulletin
The National Institute of Justice, together with the COPS Office, publishes (both in print and online) a quarterly bulletin on geography and public safety. The Geography & Public Safety Bulletin covers topics such as mapping, problem analysis, and the geography of crime.

Articles in G&PS are geared toward practitioners in law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. They cover current and innovative topics in spatial analysis of crime. The December 2009 issue of G&PS icon: pdf, for example, examines the concept of "neighborhood" from several perspectives relevant to community policing.

You can subscribe online to the Geography & Public Safety Bulletin.


Crime Analysis, General

Integrated Intelligence and Crime Analysis (2009) icon: pdf

Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping Information Clearinghouse 8th Edition (2003)icon: pdf

Crime Analysis in America: Findings and Recommendations (2003)icon: pdf


Crime Analysis for Problem Solving

Analyzing Crime Displacement and Diffusion (2009)icon: pdf

Enhancing the Problem Solving Capacity of Crime Analysis Units (2008)icon: pdf

Using Crime Prevention through Environmental Design in Problem Solving (2007)icon: pdf

How To Correctly Collect and Analyze Racial Profiling Data: Your Reputation Depends on It (2006)icon: pdf

Using Analysis for Problem Solving (2006)icon: pdf

Analyzing Repeat Victimization (2005)icon: pdf

Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps (2005)icon: pdf

Assessing Responses to Problems: An Introductory Guide for Police Problem Solvers (2004) icon: pdf


Crime Mapping

Mapping for Community Based Prisoner Reentry (2007)icon: pdf

Users' Guide to Mapping Software 6th Edition (2004)icon: pdf

Frequently Asked Questions of Crime Analysis and Mapping (2001) icon: pdf

Manual of Crime Analysis Map Production (2001)icon: pdf

Geocoding in Law Enforcement, Final Report (2000)icon: pdf

Guidelines to Implement and Evaluate Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping (2000)icon: pdf

Integrating Community Policing and Computer Mapping (2000)icon: pdf


Training and Technical Assistance

Additional Resources

International Association of Crime Analystsicon: external link
IACA assists crime analysts by providing valuable information, a yearly conference, and managing a listserv.  It also offers crime analysts professional development via certification through examination. Upon passing the examination, the crime analyst will become a Certified Law Enforcement Analyst (CLEA). The IACA also offers a professional training series, which includes five-day modules covering: Fundamentals of Crime Analysis, Tactical Crime Analysis, Problem Analysis, Computer Applications for Crime Mapping, and Crime Mapping.

You can also visit the IACA web siteicon: external link to locate regional associations that serve crime analysts.

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