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Methods of COPS Monitoring

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The secret to repeating a success is knowing how you achieved it. It's also the best way to answer questions about how your COPS grant helped you get there. COPS works closely with the Office of the Comptroller (OC) and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to make sure that grantees meet their grants' programmatic and financial obligations. Here at COPS, our programs enjoy a very high rate of compliance, and we plan to maintain that. We provide tools like fact sheets, Grant Owner's Manuals, and this website to keep grantees informed about every aspect of what we do.

This section contains more detailed explanations of the tools the COPS Office uses to monitor grants and grantees. Our goal is to make our processes clear so that grantees know what to expect and are always prepared. If you have any more detailed questions, please consult the appropriate COPS Grant Owner's Manual or contact the COPS Grant Monitoring Division at 800.421.6770.

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